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VFW Eligibility Requirements:

  The fundamental difference between our Organization and other veteran organizations, and one in which we take great pride, is our eligibility qualifications. There are three requisites for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States: (1) Citizenship; (2) Honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States; (3) Service entitling the applicant to the award of a recognized campaign medal or as set forth in the Congressional Charter and/or By-Laws.

Checking Eligibility: Checking eligibility is comparatively simple. Assuming that a person is a United States citizen and has an honorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces, it only remains to be proven that the person served outside the continental limits of the U.S. and has earned a campaign or service medal recognized by the VFW as meeting the campaign medal requisite for VFW Membership. (The only exception is for service in Korea after June 30, 1949, until present.)